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成都市第一人民医院预约成都市中医药大学第一附属医院预约免费One of Vladimir Putin’s former closest associates has said Russian businessmen were all now “serfs” who belonged to the president, with none of the country’s companies beyond his reach.弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)昔日最亲密的伙伴之一表示,当今俄罗斯商人都是这位总统的“农奴”,俄罗斯任何企业都无法逃脱他的控制。Sergei Pugachev, who was once so close to Mr Putin that he was known as the “Kremlin’s banker”, made the comments in his first interview since the state seized his multibillion-dollar ship-building empire in 2012.谢尔盖#8226;普加乔夫(Sergei Pugachev)是在接受采访时发表上述言论的。他曾因与普京关系密切而被称为“克里姆林宫的家”。这是他自2012年以来头一回接受采访,当时他旗下价值数十亿美元的造船帝国被俄罗斯政府没收。Speaking to the Financial Times, Mr Pugachev warned that there were no longer any “untouchables” in a Russian business landscape increasingly dominated by Mr Putin. The economy, he argued, had been transformed into a feudal system where businessmen were only nominal owners of their assets.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,普加乔夫警告说,在日益受普京配的俄罗斯商界,不再有任何领域是普京“无法触及”的。他声称,俄罗斯经济已经变成了一种封建体制,商人只是自身资产名义上的所有者。“Today in Russia there is no private property. There are only serfs who belong to Putin,” he said.他说:“如今,俄罗斯没有私有财产,只有隶属于普京的农奴。”Mr Pugachev’s comments have fresh resonance amid the ongoing travails of another Moscow tycoon, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, whose arrest last month, and a subsequent court decision to seize shares in his Bashneft oil major, is still sending shudders through the country’s business community.在弗拉基米尔#8226;叶夫图申科夫(Vladimir Yevtushenkov)的风波尚未平息之际,普加乔夫的言论将引发新的反响。叶夫图申科夫是另一位莫斯科大亨,他在上个月被俄罗斯政府逮捕,随后被俄罗斯法庭判决没收其旗下Banshneft石油巨头的股份。目前,俄罗斯商界人士仍对这一事件感到震撼。That event has been interpreted by many observers as a shattering of the rules that have governed relations between the Kremlin and the country’s oligarchs in the post-Soviet era.许多观察人士认为,该事件标志着后苏联时代规范俄罗斯政府与国内寡头关系的规则已经崩溃。Mr Pugachev – whose interests once spanned banking, construction and shipbuilding – was a towering figure of those years. He was a member of former president Boris Yeltsin’s inner circle and then became a confidant of Mr Putin.在那些年里,普加乔夫是俄罗斯的重要人物,他的产业曾遍及业、建筑业及造船业。他曾是俄罗斯前总统鲍里斯#8226;叶利钦(Boris Yeltsin)核心团队的成员,接着又成为普京的密友。When the former KGB officer became president in 2000, powerful holdovers from the Yeltsin era managed to maintain some independence. But after Mr Putin embarked on a campaign to retake state control of key parts of the economy the borders between business and the Kremlin began to be erased.2000年普京成为俄罗斯总统时,叶利钦时代留下的强势人物曾成功保留了部分独立性。然而,普京随后发动了一场运动,以夺回俄罗斯政府对俄经济重要部门的控制权。自那以来,俄罗斯商界与政府间的边界开始消失。That process, Mr Pugachev argued, had now accelerated as the strain of western sanctions against Russia over its intervention in Ukraine increases.普加乔夫声称,随着西方因为俄罗斯对乌克兰的干预而加紧对俄制裁,这一夺权进程正在加快。 /201410/333778成都邛崃市治疗月经不调多少钱 The of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in South Carolina is seen by some advocates of police reform as evidence of the rising power of technological weapons in their fight.在一些警务改革的倡导者看来,一段记录了发生在南卡罗来纳州一名白人警官开击毙一名手无寸铁的黑人男性的视频, 可以用来印科技武器在争取警务改革的斗争中开始起到越来越大的作用。That includes the smartphone camera, and with it, a growing number of apps produced by activists that streamline the process of capturing and broadcasting s of police interacting with citizens.这包括了智能手机和伴随着智能手机兴起的许许多多的应用程序,活动分子们开发的这些应用程序可以将记录和传播警民互动视频的流程变得很简单。“A lot of times, until these s show up, the officer is going to walk,” said Darren Baptiste, the creator of Cop Watch, an iPhone app that automatically begins recording when you tap its icon and automatically uploads the to YouTube when the recording is stopped.“在这些视频出现之前,很多时候(打死黑人的)警察会一走了之”,一个名叫Cop Watch的iphone应用程序的开发者达伦·巴普提斯特(Darren Baptise)表示。这个应用程序在你点开程序的时候就会自动开始录像,而当录像停止的时候应用程序会自动将视频上传到YouTube。Mr. Baptiste, 47, is an app developer in Toronto, where several episodes of force by police — some of them eventually deemed unlawful — have been captured by citizens wielding cameras over the last few years. He said that when photographing the police during intense situations, people often get flustered — they may forget to hit record, or may not know how, or where, to upload a . There have also been cases in which police, sometimes in violation of the law, confiscated cameras or phones containing stored recordings.今年47岁的巴普提斯特是一名多伦多的应用程序开发者。而他所在的城市近几年有好几段由公民拿起相机拍摄视频记录了警察使用暴力的场景,其中好几起最终都被判定为非法行为。巴普提斯特说,人们在这种紧张时刻拍摄警察通常会很慌乱——很有可能会忘记按下录像键或者完全不懂如何上传视频或者去哪上传。以前也有过警察在违法的时候把围观者拍下他们违法视频的相机或者手机没收掉的情况。The app, which Mr. Baptiste created with the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence, an advocacy group based in Toronto, is meant to make recording the police easier and to make the footage less vulnerable to confiscation by the authorities. Once a user uploads a , the group is notified, and its staff can review and, if necessary, alert the news media and authorities of any apparent wrongdoing by police.这个应用程序是巴普提斯特和一个多伦多名叫“停止警察暴力网络”(Network for the Elimination of Police Violence)的倡导组织一起开发的,其目标是把拍摄记录警察变得更简单,并且让视频更难被权力机构没收。每次有用户上传视频的时候,他们的组织都会收到通知,随后就会有组织人员审查视频,在有必要的时候他们会将任何明显的警方过错通知给新闻媒体和有关权力机构。Though it is only the latest in a string of cases in which amateur photography has been used to document officers’ use of force, the South Carolina shooting demonstrates the power of citizen-captured in the most salient way. Michael T. Slager, the officer in the case, initially said that Walter L. Scott, a driver who had been stopped for a broken taillight, had taken his stun gun during a scuffle. The , captured on a cellphone by a bystander, instead showed the officer shooting Mr. Scott eight times while he ran away. On Tuesday, Mr. Slager was charged with murder.虽然这只是最近一系列非专业摄影记录警察暴力事件中的最新一次,南卡击事件还是非常明显的展现出公民拍摄视频的巨大作用。涉案警官迈克尔·T·斯雷格(Michael T. Slager) 最开始说因为驾驶汽车的尾灯破损而被他拦下的司机沃尔特·L·斯科特(Walter L. Scott)在扭打过程中掏出了手。然而一个旁观者用手机拍下的视频记录下了在斯科特逃跑过程中这名警官八次开射击当事人的场景。斯雷格警官在周二以谋杀罪名被指控。Cop Watch is one of a number of programs for smartphones aimed at helping citizens broadcast encounters with the police. In 2011, during the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Jason Van Anden, an artist and technologist, created “I’m Getting Arrested,” an app that could automatically send text messages to a list of prepopulated close contacts with the push of a button. Later, inspired by Mr. Van Anden’s app, the New York Civil Liberties Union developed the “Stop and Frisk Watch” app, a response to a line of policing tactics championed by then-mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration.Cop Watch只是许许多多为了方便公民记录和传播与警方冲突场景而设计的智能手机程序之一。在2011年占领华尔街运动发展到最高峰的时候,名为杰森·凡·安顿(Jason Van Anden)的艺术家和工艺师创建了名为“我要被捕了(I’m Getting Arrested)”的应用程序,这个程序允许用户通过简单按键就可以自动发送短信给一系列提前设定好的紧密联系人名单 。随后,在凡·安顿的应用程序的启发下,纽约公民自由联盟(New York Civil Liberties Union)也开发了名为“Stop and Frisk Watch”的应用程序,作为对当时纽约市长迈克尔·布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)政府拥护的警务策略的响应。The N.Y.C.L.U. app allows a bystander to record from an Android-based phone or iPhone by just pressing a button on the phone’s frame. The app can send a report of a police encounter directly to the group for evaluation.纽约公民自由联盟的应用程序让路人可以从安卓手机或者苹果手机直接按下手机侧面的按键来录像,程序可以直接把与警方冲突的举报发送给公民自由联盟,由他们来进行评估。“We, sadly, thought the technology would be equally useful for young men of color in New York City,” said Jennifer Carnig, the director of communications for the N.Y.C.L.U. “Of course, in New York City if you touch your pocket to get your phone during an encounter with the police, you can end up dead.”“不幸的是,我们以为这项技术对于纽约市的有色种族年轻人也同样有用,”纽约公民自由联盟的媒体总监珍尼佛·佳妮格(Jennifer Garnig)表示。“当然,在纽约,如果你在和警方冲突过程中伸手掏口袋拿手机的话,你最后可能会丧命。”Mrs. Carnig said the app was used heavily last year during the protests surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which was spurred by the police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo.佳妮格说,去年因为美国密苏里州弗格森发生的警方击毙一名手无寸铁的黑人青年迈克尔·布朗(Michael Brown)而发起的“黑人性命也很重要”( #BlackLivesMatter)抗议示威游行活动期间,他们的应用程序有很高的使用量。The episodes also brought greater interest in police-worn body cameras, which record every police interaction with a citizen and upload the to a server, where it would be available for later review. The Obama administration has called for 3 million in funding for police departments to outfit their officers with cameras.这些事件也让公众对给警方佩戴随身相机产生了更大的兴趣,这些相机能够记录下每一次警方与公民之间的互动,并将视频上传到一个务器,可以用于随后需要的审查。奥巴马政府已经要求拨款2.63亿美元给各地警察局来为警官配备相机。At least some police advocates are comfortable, to a degree, in outfitting officers with body cameras and wearable technology to monitor police encounters with citizens. But the details of how that process might go has, in some states, has slowed overall adoption of the process.至少有些警方的持者还能够在一定程度上接受给警官们配备随身相机和可穿戴设备,用以监控警方和民众之间的冲突。但是具体到此项目的进程,有些州的配置过程还是非常缓慢。“There are privacy concerns for officers, victims and members of the community that need to be fully vetted,” said Ryan Alphin, executive director of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Association, who is currently lobbying the state Legislature on two bills that would incorporate body camera technology into the rank-and file law enforcement agencies in the state.“有些涉及到警官、受害者和相关群体的隐私权的事务还是需要全面审查,”南卡罗来纳州执法委员协会的执行理事瑞恩·阿尔芬(Ryan Alphin)说道,他正在游说州立法机构通过两项法案,让随身相机技术普及到州内执法机构的所有普通成员。Two of the largest police departments in the country, Los Angeles and Houston, are in the early stages of deploying body cameras to all of their field officers and dozens of smaller departments are well underway in their plans.全国最大的两个警察局洛杉矶和休斯顿警局已经开始为所有出勤警官配备随身相机,许多其他小规模的警局也已经开始这项计划。Scott Greenwood, a civil rights lawyer who focuses on police misconduct and who has consulted with police departments on how to deploy cameras, said that the rise of smartphone cameras had spurred police interest in body cameras.斯科特·格林伍德(Scott Greenwood)是一名专注于警方不法行为领域的民权律师,他也和警局就如何开展配备相机的事务进行过商议,他表示智能手机相机的兴起让警方对随身相机有了很大兴趣。“Law enforcement should not hope to rely on the existence of external of witnesses,” he said. “It is best for the profession, community relations, and solid, constitutional policing to have the police departments create that record itself, and the best way to do that is on the officer.”“执法不应该寄希望于依赖外界目击者拍摄的视频。拥有警察局自己创建的视频记录对于这一职业、社区关系和强有力又符合宪法的警务都有极大的好处,而记录的最好方式就是让警官佩戴记录设备。” 格林伍德说。When it comes to citizen-captured , there are few questions regarding legality, said Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel of the National Press Photographers Association. Mr. Osterreicher said that he talked to people on a weekly basis who had been told by police to stop recording their activities. In almost all cases, the police are wrong to do so.而对于公民拍摄的视频,合法性几乎不会成为问题,美国国家摄影记者协会(National Press Photographers Association)的总顾问米基·奥斯特瑞琪(Mickey Osterreicher)表示。他说他每周都会和被警察制止拍摄警方活动过的民众进行谈话。基本上在所有这些情况中警方都没有权利这样做。“If you are in a public place, you have the right to record anything you see,” he said. “That is the First Amendment.”“只要在公共场合,你就有权记录下任何你看到的东西,这是美国宪法第一修正案规定的,” 奥斯特瑞琪说。There are exceptions for safety and for interference with police work. An officer can tell a camera-wielding bystander to step back a few feet, or to step out of a dangerous place, like a busy street. Mr. Osterreicher said that he frequently conducted training sessions with police departments on their responsibilities when being filmed.在威胁人参安全和妨碍警方执法的情况下有一些例外。警察可以让拿着相机拍摄的路人后退几英尺或者离开像繁忙的马路这杨有危险的区域。 奥斯特瑞琪说他经常为警方提供相关培训,让警官们学习自己在被拍摄情况下的责任。“The younger officers get it — they’re used to being filmed,” he said, and some also see the footage as a way to clear up any accusations of wrongdoing. “The older officers are the ones who sometimes see it as questioning their authority.”“年轻警官很理解——他们习惯被相机拍摄,”他说,而且有些年轻警官也会把录像带看成面对指控自己执法中犯错时明自己清白的方式。“年长一些的警官会觉得这是对他们权威的质疑。”So far, the Cop Watch app has not garnered evidence of police misconduct. Usage has been low. In the year that the app has been available, Mr. Baptiste said that about 2,000 people have signed in to the program, and about 1,000 s have been uploaded, most of which show people trying out the program.到目前为止,Cop Watch应用程序还没有搜集到任何警方违法行为的据。这个应用程序的使用量还很低。在应用程序推出的那年,巴普提斯特说有约2千人登陆过他们的应用程序,有约1千个视频上传,但是大部门视频都是用户对程序的测试。“This is truly one of those things that you hope people wouldn’t want to use it,” Mr. Baptiste said. “The main point of this app is to make people talk about why we have an app like this in the first place.”“这真的就是那种你不希望民众想用到的东西,”巴普提斯特说,“有这个程序的主要目的就是让大家来讨论有这种应用程序出现的原因。” /201504/369391成都省第七人民医院妇科

自贡中医院男科专家The gold mining sector is braced for asset writedowns and a fall in the amount of reserves in the ground after the precipitous drop in the price of the metal this year.随着黄金价格在今年暴跌,金矿开采行业将迎来资产减记和储量下滑。Some of the world’s largest gold miners face having to tell investors that their growth has gone into reverse because the price makes it uneconomic to mine some areas formerly classed as reserves.全球最大的几家金矿开采商可能不得不告诉投资者,它们的增长已经步入下行区间,因为暴跌后的金价使得一些此前被归为储量的金矿不再具有开采价值。Miners’ reserves are vital to prospects and valuations. Companies would quickly shrink if they did not replace what they dug from the ground each year.储量对矿商的前景和估值至关重要。如果不能用新储量替代每年开采的量,公司将很快萎缩。Price expectations have until now helped gold miners be more optimistic about reserves and to include ounces they would formerly not have been able to mine profitably.之前,在价格预期的驱使下,金矿开采商对储量更为乐观,并且在储量报告中加入了先前无法盈利开采的储量。“Gold has been going up for 12 of the last 13 years and reserves have gone up with the price. This [2014] is definitely the year we will see reserves falling [sectorwide],” said Jorge Beristain, an analyst with Deutsche Bank.“在过去13年中,金价有12年都在上涨。但2014年将是全行业储量下降的一年,”德意志(Deutsche Bank)分析师豪尔赫#8226;贝里斯塔因(Jorge Beristain)表示。“Reserve calculations have been based on a series of suppositions that inthe present environment are no longer tenable.”“储量的计算根据是一系列的假设,在目前环境下这些假设已经站不住脚。”Gold miners including Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining, the world’s largest by ounces of annual production, have had a difficult year in 2013 because of the effect of the gold price on some of their most important projects. Miners usually update reserve statements early each year. Not all assume the same price. Barrick’s last reserve statement assumed a gold price of ,500 per ounce for most of its 140m oz of reserves, while Newmont based its statements on a ,400/oz price.巴里克黄金公司(Barrick Gold)和纽蒙特矿业公司(Newmont Mining)是全球产量(以盎司计)最高的金矿开采商。包括它们在内的金矿开采商度过了艰难的2013年,原因是金价对它们一些最重要的项目造成了影响。Gold began the year at about ,600/oz but fell sharply in April. It has hovered about ,200/oz in recent days.矿商通常在每年年初发布最新的储量报告。并非所有公司都采用同一假定价格。巴里克的上一份储量报告假设其1.4亿盎司黄金储量大部分以每盎司1500美元计价,而纽蒙特的报告则以每盎司1400美元作为基准。黄金年初价格约为每盎司1600美元,但在4月份暴跌。近日金价在每盎司1200美元附近徘徊。 /201312/271045彭州市妇幼保健院的具体地址 金牛区治疗睾丸炎多少钱

达州妇幼保健院治疗妇科怎么样 When British Prime Minister David Cameron returns home from his carefully choreographed trip to China, he will be surprised by the dozens of business contracts that will start to flow in, as well as by endless questions from thousands of his new Chinese friends on social media.当英国首相卡梅伦从精心筹划的中国之行返回英国时,数量巨大、纷至沓来的商业合同以及社交媒体上成千上万的新中国朋友无尽的问题将会令他惊讶不已。I have long observed foreign politicians trying to engage with Chinese fans, sometimes in the millions, through social media. Their teams waste no time uploading their schedules, speeches and short ideas in English, French or other languages.我早就观察到外国政客试图通过社交媒体接触数以百万计的中国粉丝。他们的团队抓紧时间用英语、法语或者其他语言上传政客的日程、言论和想法。However, these messages usually fail to reach the Chinese public, mainly because they are not written in Chinese.但是,中国的民众通常看不到这些信息,主要原因在于它们都不是用中文写的。So I have drawn the impolite conclusion that most efforts by foreign politicians and their handlers to involve ordinary Chinese via social media have been pretty much failures.所以我得出一个有点失礼的结论,那就是外国政客及其团队通过社交媒体接触中国大众的努力全都是白费。But Cameron#39;s team has made a difference. It set up a micro blog for the prime minister on Sina Weibo. Cameron is a latecomer, but for the prime minister it has been a case of better late than never.但是,卡梅伦的团队明显与众不同。他们为首相开通了新浪微。卡梅伦是迟到者,但是对于首相来说,迟到总比不到要好。By Wednesday, Cameron had uploaded seven posts, even though he only started to use the tool on Friday. Of the seven, three were posted as warm-up messages before he began his China tour.虽然卡梅伦11月29日才开始使用微,但是,截至12月4日,他已经发表了7条帖子。这7条中有三条是在他开始中国之行前发布的热身信息。Cameron has used the Chinese language in all of his posts, and two are bilingual. This marks a huge difference from the posts of other global political figures in the past.在他所有的帖子里,卡梅伦都用了中文,有两条是双语的。这与以前其他外国政客的帖子有明显不同。In terms of content, Cameron#39;s posts are all simple and original, and accompanied by photos. They are not mere recaps of official documents, schedules and speeches.从内容上来讲,卡梅伦的帖子都很简洁,具有原创性,还添加了图片。这些帖子并不只是官方文件、日程和言论的翻版。Not shy of advertising, Cameron has even managed to publish two posts about Land Rover in a short time, in an effort to help market the car brand to China#39;s new rich.卡梅伦从不羞于做广告,他甚至在短期之内发了两条关于路虎的帖子,希望能够帮助这个汽车品牌进入中国新富市场。The most interesting part of Cameron#39;s excursion into Chinese social media is his team#39;s ambition to set up a dialogue between the prime minister and the public. In one recent post, Cameron asked his followers to leave questions for him, saying he would answer some of them before he left China.卡梅伦中国社交媒体之行的最有趣之处就是,他的团队期望在首相和中国大众之间开展对话。在最近的一条帖子当中,卡梅伦请粉丝们为他留下问题,并承诺在他离开中国之前他会回答部分问题。The number of Cameron#39;s micro blog followers surpassed 260,000 in one week, roughly equal to the number of subscribers to two of his country#39;s newspapers, The Guardian and The Financial Times.在一周之内,卡梅伦的微粉丝突破26万,这差不多相当于英国《卫报》和《金融时报》订阅者的数量之和。Cameron does not have the largest number of followers among the dozens of foreign politicians in China#39;s social media community. European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, who opened a weibo account in 2011, has more than 3 million followers.在众多使用中国社交媒体的外国政客当中,卡梅伦并不是粉丝数量最多的一个。欧洲理事会主席范龙佩于2011年开通微,已有300万余粉丝。Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, has been working to expand her network in China and has accumulated more than 3.5 million followers. To my surprise, this Frenchwoman uses French and English most of the time.国际货币基金组织总裁克里斯蒂娜·拉加德在中国扩展社交网络,拥有超过350万粉丝。令我吃惊的是,这位法国女性大多数时间使用法语和英语。Christiana Figueres, climate change chief of the ed Nations, also has opened a weibo account that now has more than 45,000 followers, a relatively small number compared to the others. But she and her communications team have almost no experience in using the Chinese language on micro blogs, particularly when discussing this complex topic.《联合国气候变化框架公约》秘书处执行秘书克里斯蒂娜·菲格雷斯也开通了微,拥有4.5万粉丝,与其他政客相比较少。但是,她和她的团队几乎没有在微上使用中文的经验,尤其是在讨论气候这个复杂话题的时候。Though Cameron has not responded to the mounting comments on his weibo account so far, he should be delighted by the responses from his followers, who can understand his messages in Chinese. His latest post has been forwarded and commented upon more than 20,000 times.尽管卡梅伦到目前为止还没有对微上如山的进行回复,但是那些能够读懂他中文微的粉丝们所发来的回复肯定会令他非常开心。他最近的一条帖子被转发和2万余次。Van Rompuy had no such luck during his November visit to Beijing. His team published several posts related to his official meetings with Chinese leaders, but each attracted fewer than a dozen comments.11月来访北京的范龙佩就没那么幸运了。他的团队发表了几条有关他与中国领袖官方会晤的帖子,但是每条帖子只有几条。More recently, Van Rompuy made some progress by posting several short notices and comments in Chinese. But the number of responses was still small, given his colossal number of fans.最近,范龙佩用中文发表了几条状态和。但是与他数量庞大的粉丝相比,回复的数量仍然很少。Van Rompuy welcomed Cameron to blogging in China on Tuesday in his latest post, expressing the wish that the British leader follow suit in making Chinese friends who are truly interested in building closer EU-China relations through social media.12月3日,范龙佩在最近的帖子中欢迎卡梅伦开通微,他希望卡梅伦也像他一样,与真正期望通过社交媒体进一步密切中国-欧盟关系的中国人做朋友。Van Rompuy is correct to encourage European leaders to invest time and energy. But in practice, he and other politicians should follow Cameron#39;s example. While blogging in China is open, fast and interactive in China, it shares features with traditional media content.范龙佩鼓励欧洲领导人在这方面花费时间和精力的举动是正确的。但是在实践方面,他和其他政客应该像卡梅伦学习。尽管在中国微具有开放性、快捷性和互动性的特征,但是它也与传统媒体有相同的特征。The politicians should bear in mind that content is king in social media, just as it is in journalism. It is the key to expanding a social media network and attracting a bigger audience.与新闻业一样,在社交媒体中,内容至上。这一点政客们应铭记于心。这是拓宽社交媒体网络和吸引粉丝的关键。Furthermore, using netizens#39; own language shows respect. It would be useful if foreign political figures followed Cameron and studied his team#39;s efforts to carry on effective conversations with Chinese followers.此外,使用网民的母语是表达尊重的一种方式。如果外国政客仿效卡梅伦及其团队与中国粉丝进行有效对话,将会收到明显成效。I have become a follower of Cameron#39;s. I sent him a question, in both Chinese and English, asking about his plans to maintain a smooth dialogue with the Chinese to avoid the ups and downs of bilateral relations. I am looking forward to his reply.By Fu Jing ( China Daily )我已经关注了卡梅伦的微。我给他发送了一个中英双语的问题,询问他如何为避免双边关系起伏不定而与中国大众保持顺畅对话。我期待他的回复。 /201312/267438四川成都市中医院几点下班成都市肿瘤医院打胎流产好吗



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